Dancing The Last Mile

Quite seriously, I did not expect to hit my walking goals yesterday.  I hadn’t had a whole lot of sleep the night before, and by the time I left work at 2 pm (with only 3.8 miles under my belt) all I wanted to do was go and take a nap.  Which I was able to do, because my wife had made arrangements for my son.  Why?  Because there was a Yule celebration at church, and he wanted to go and wanted us both to go as well, and daddy needed some sleep desperately in order to manage.

Yule celebrations vary from group to group, of course.  For us, it involves a fire pit and dancing and singing and pot-luck desserts as we celebrate the longest night of the year and look forward to the coming of spring at the very beginning of winter.  And there was a lot of dancing.  Nearly a mile of dancing, by the time we all snaked and twisted our way around the parking lot and back to the fire pit.

So, yeah.  I hit my goal, in the nicest way possible – sharing it with friends and loved ones as we celebrated Yule.


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