Happy Winter!

It is officially the start of winter, today.  Which is always an interesting realization, since it’s been cold for the past month.  Except when it hasn’t – in my neck of the woods, at least, we have three or four days of sub-freezing temperature followed by a single day that gets into the high forties or low fifties (Fahrenheit, that is).  It makes exercise interesting, because you never know if you’re going to be able to make it outside to go walking or not.

So I keep it simple.  I assume that I won’t be going outside, and try to make sure I walk around the office a whole lot.

So far, two days in, my experiment appears to be working out.  Based on the best labeling information and measurements I could make, I ate 2,547 calories yesterday and my FitBit tells me I burned 4,316 calories thanks to a combination of living and walking and getting all my exercises in (two days in a row!).  Then, when I got on my scale this morning, it showed a promising movement in the direction of down.  Although this might still be a “break even” week, because of my failure to model restraint at my in-law’s Christmas dinner last week (which happened after I weighed in, and did me no favors).  But that’s all right.  I’d figured this week might end up being a “break even” week anyway.  Not so much because I’m planning a “last hurrah” as I’m recognizing the realpolitik of trying to avoid a lot of high calorie foods five days before Christmas.

Enjoy your First Day of Winter, everyone!



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