Smaller Wrists!

I had to get a new FitBit yesterday, because – get this – the little button on the side of my Charge HR just came off.  No, I have no idea how or why.  I just went to push the button to check the time, and it wasn’t there.  (That isn’t a slam on the device, by the way.  I owned it for a year and a half, and wore it pretty much non stop.  I’m kind of impressed that it took this long for something to break.)

At first, my plan was to just deal with it.  The device still worked, other than the fact that I couldn’t hit the button to have it track workouts.  Or stop an alarm.  But then, my wife pointed out that we had an extra FitBit in the house, and why didn’t I just wear that?  My response was that it had been hers, and she had much smaller wrists than I did.  I was wearing a large band, after all.  But I went to put it on anyway.  Mostly, I think, to try and show her that I was right and she was wrong.

Married people reading this, you probably know what happened next.  Because it is a universally acknowledged truth that if you do something to show your spouse that she (or he) is wrong, you will be made to look like a fool.

Yeah, the smaller band fits. I’m buckling it on the very last hole on the band, but that’s not an issue.  Because that’s where I buckled my original large band FitBit.  And the band on the new one is only about half the diameter of the old one.

So, yeah.  I’m pretty stoked by this.  Also, once again, my amazing wife was right.


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