Laugh it off. Seriously.

“Hold your staff out at arms length.  Drop it.  Now, point at it and laugh.”

That’s the first move that Ryan Parks teaches in his Kung Flow instructional videos.  And he recommends that you do it as part of your warm-up routine.  Warm up, stretch out, laugh at your staff.  Why?  Because it makes it less intimidating, which makes the spinning easier.  It’s hard to be intimidated by something you laugh at, and it’s easier to just have fun with it.

This morning, I tried laughing at my weight loss program.  It felt forced at first, but within a minute of laughing I had a revelation:  I’m tensing up far too much about this.  I’m not in a race, and this isn’t a burden I’m carrying around.  This is a way of life I’e embraced, one full of health and activity.  It’s an opportunity to feel better, to look better, and to be better.

I think I’ll add this to my morning routine.  Spend a minute laughing at myself and my weight loss efforts, before I go out and enjoy all the opportunities that my exercise program brings.


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