Man, that was just… well…

I’ve been quiet a lot longer than I anticipated.  There was some excitement in my family, and dealing with that excitement was a little more important than writing. It was also a little more important than tracking calories or exercising, so I didn’t accomplish much last week.  I lost a total of 0.8 pounds.

Still, like I said, there were more important things going on.

At this point, I think everything’s back to normal.  Knock wood, and all that.  And even if it isn’t, I’m really going to knuckle down on staying within my calorie budget.  Unlike some of the more active strategies I have for weight loss, that one is pretty simple.  It doesn’t require a lot of time, or space, or really doing anything more than checking what I’m eating and not eating too much.  Simple, right?

(Insert rant about how “simple” doesn’t mean “easy” here…)

Seriously, though, it is something I need to really get back to doing.  Because it’s something I’ve gotten really bad at over the past few months, and burning a whole lot of calories exercising doesn’t do me any good if I then consume a whole bunch of calories to make up for it.  So, starting today, I’m back on the 2,200 calorie wagon.  Which, as I’ve learned from actually tracking my food intake, allows for a decent and tasty set of meals – as long as “chocolate bars” don’t play a daily, starring role.


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