That was… unexpected. Not disappointing, mind.

I can eat a shockingly large amount of mashed potatoes and still be under my calorie budget.

Yeah, that sounded kind of random, didn’t it?  Here’s what I’m talking about.  Yesterday, because I did a little extra snacking, I didn’t think I was going to hit my calorie goals.  By the time dinner ran around, I only had about 600 calories left for the day, and said dinner was going to be Thanksgiving leftovers.  I looked at the food in the fridge, and looked at that number, and said “there’s no way”.  But, I decided, I was at least going to track everything!  So I put my plate on my food scale, and started weighing everything out.  Six ounces of mashed potatoes, four ounces of turkey, two ounces of corn (I should eat more, but actually eating a vegetable is a good starting point), and a third of a cup of turkey gravy.

482 calories.

I actually ended up checking those numbers twice, because I didn’t quite believe it.  But it was true!  So, with only 600 calories left in my budget, I got to have a really filling dinner.

Also, I hit all of my goals!  The walking, the exercise, the calories (as noted above), everything!  Yay me!


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