Planning For Success

I am so looking forward to getting back to work on my goals.  I haven’t really put a lot of effort into hitting my exercise goals over the last two weeks, and I haven’t put any effort at all into hitting my calorie budget, and I’ve hated it.  That fact didn’t really motivate me to do it, mind, but I hated it.  I found myself daydreaming about getting back to work exercising and walking, and tired of overeating while I was overeating.

Does that make any sense?  Doing something, and not enjoying it, and doing it anyway?  Because it doesn’t make any sense to me.

But this week, I’m back to work!  Homemade breakfast burritos are in the freezer, for the days when I don’t get my breakfast made because it’s 4 am and I can’t face cooking.  And I packed my lunch today – turkey and dressing sandwich made out of leftover thanksgiving, with my homemade holiday fruit salad – hearty and filling, and only 700 calories in total.  And I’ve even got a plan for hitting my exercise goals – I’ll do it while my son does his homework, out in the living room so that he can easily get ahold of me if he needs help.

Not that he’d have trouble otherwise.  My condo isn’t all that big, really.

The point is, I could be all discouraged about the weight I’ve gained over the last two weeks.  I could do that.  Or I can be all excited about exercising again, and plan my meals so that I enjoy them while staying within my calorie budget, and I can have a good time.  And I like that second option better, thank you very much.


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