Eating Well: Cranberry Sauce

Yeah, yeah, I should have put this up yesterday.  Or maybe on Wednesday.  You know, so it could be used by someone.  But I didn’t actually realize I was going to make this until Wednesday around three in the afternoon, so there’s that.

Here’s what happened:  I was at Kroger, picking up the last few things I’d need for Thanksgiving.  Apples and bananas for my fruit salad primarily, but I also needed cranberry sauce.  After I picked up the cans, I thought for a minute and wondered how difficult it would be to make the recipe.  A few minutes later with the app on my phone said the correct answer to that question is “not very difficult at all”.

So here you go:

Cranberry Sauce

1 12 ounce package of whole cranberries (157 calories)
1 cup water (0 calories)
1 cup sugar  (774 calories)
1 cup orange juice (117 calories)


  1. Put all ingredients in a sauce pan.
  2. Bring the sauce pan to a boil, then simmer until cranberries have popped.
  3. I then continued to simmer the sauce until it was reduced by a third.
  4. Pour into a storage container, and chill until ready to eat.


  • 1048 calories if you eat the whole thing.  You get about 27 ounces of jellied sauce, though, which works out to about 40 calories per ounce (38.814, if you feel technical).
  • The sauce will be pretty liquid while it’s on the stove, and I actually thought I’d failed at making it.  I was pleasantly surprised by the consistency when it chilled, and you might not even need to reduce the sauce.  I would, though – it made it come out more like the canned stuff.
  • Really, this is nearly foolproof.  It doesn’t even take that much more time than opening a can, and it tastes better.

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