False Alarm

Well, it seems I can rule being sick out.  I feel fine, barring the general sort of fatigue that you feel when you get up at 3:15 am and the sun doesn’t rise until you’ve been at work for three and a half hours.  I think I really must have just been tired, and that combined with the fact that my son was down sick with something to make me assume that I’d gotten sick as well.  A reasonable bit of paranoia, I think.

Of course, this shreds any excuses I had for not hitting my exercise goals.  “I don’t wanna” is a terrible reason, after all.  So, it’s back up on the wagon and back to hitting goals.  Which is a good thing, really.  As predicted, I felt out of sorts yesterday because I didn’t go walking.  The day didn’t feel longer or anything, but the lack of significant physical activity made my breaks seem less like breaks.  If that makes any sense.  It makes sense to me, anyway.


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