Not Sick. Just Tired.

I crashed hard yesterday.  Like “I picked up my son from kindergarten, went home, put on sweats, and collapsed into bed” hard.  Which led to my son watching a couple of hours of PBS Kids before I got to feeling guilty enough about it that I offered to read him some of his library books instead.  That ended with dinosaurs and Star Wars and Sesame Street.  Because my son has eclectic tastes.

Later that evening, my wife asked me if I needed to go to Urgent Care, which is something I’ve been thinking about.  Still am, honestly, because my son was down with some bug last week.  But… I don’t think I’m sick.  Not meaningfully sick, anyway.  Just really, really tired.  It’s been a long couple of weeks, and I feel drained.  Which, sadly, also means that I blew off my exercises yesterday.  Didn’t hit my walking goal, didn’t work out, just laid around and fell asleep an hour or so earlier than normal.

To be honest, I’m considering just doing that the rest of the week.  Give myself the week off from everything but trying to hit my calorie budget (which will be challenging, what with Thanksgiving coming up) and resting up.  Give myself a formal vacation from the struggle, and rest.  That way, I’ll be ready to hit things hard starting next Monday.

Regardless, I’ll probably keep up the walking.  If nothing else, it gets me away from my desk when I’m on break.

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