“Looking good, man. How much have you lost?”

There’s an interesting disconnect between how I feel about myself and how I look.  How I feel is that I’ve been a huge slacker, and that I haven’t made any progress in months and months and months, and even though I know there have been reasons (many of them good) it just sticks in my craw.  Because even though I know that all of the activity I can do now is a huge improvement in my life, and even though I know that maintaining my 115 pound weight loss is a huge achievement, all I can see some days is that I’m not any closer to my 220 target goal than I was back in July.

But, other people don’t see that.  They see someone who’s lost one hundred and fifteen freaking pounds, and who has kept it off.  Because they understand, just like I do, that weight loss is hard.  But it’s not their weight, so they don’t have the same hang-up about it.  They just see the success – and it really is success – and congratulate me for it.  And then ask questions about how I did it.

I need to listen to those people more, and not the little annoying voice in my head that sees abject failure because I haven’t achieved total success yet.


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