Exercise is Coming! For Great Justice!

Back under 300!  And this time, I plan to keep the momentum up – Thanksgiving be damned!

All right, all right, that’s a little hyperbolic.  I admit it.  But, I’m feeling pretty good.  Really good, even.  Five pounds down last week, and I’ve got things set up to keep the momentum going this week.  I’ve got homemade breakfast burritos set up (packed with eggs and bacon and sausage and still coming in at just 389 calories each) in case I don’t get around to making breakfast at home, and I’ve got pre-packaged microwave lunches in case I don’t get around to making lunch at home, and I’ve got a plan for hitting my exercise goals!   This competition really is proving to be good for me  It isn’t inspiring me to do anything stupid (no crash diets here, thank you very much), but it is inspiring me to make sure I put in a serious effort.  Because, when I do that, it pays off.

Of course, I’m also feeling good because I had to go buy a new winter coat.  The one I had last year just doesn’t fit.  Heck, it barely fit last year – I could almost zip up my son in it with me.  So, this year?  Utterly out of the question.  But this new coat is two sizes smaller than the old one.  That was nice.  And it’ll come in handy, since I’ve had to scrape frost off my car windows for the second work day in a row.  Winter, as the meme says, is coming.


Is Game of Thrones even a thing any more?  I’m hardly at the cutting edge of pop culture (I still chuckle at “All Your Base are belong to us“).  But I guess that’s hardly relevant.  What is relevant is that winter is nearly here, and the cold weather is coming on, and I’ve even got a plan for that.  Walk inside my office, and hit the treadmill in the condo complex workout room, and keep up my goals!


…I told you I was an internet dinosaur.


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