Morning Exercise

I did my exercise routine at 3:45 am today.  Why?  For the best of reasons.  See, tonight is date night.  We’ve got a babysitter, and my wife and I are going out.  Which is wonderful, and I’m totally excited about it.  But I also realized that there was no way I was going to hit my exercise goals if I tried to do them after work like usual.  There’s just too much going on tonight, and I’m just not going to say something stupid like “we’re having a great time, love.  Can we take a twenty minute break, though, while I do some pushups?”

Just ain’t gonna happen.

Exercising at that time of morning is… interesting.  I feel pretty good right now, actually.  Like I’ve accomplished something.  I’d do it more regularly, but… well… it’s 3:45 in the morning.  The only reason I’m up that early, usually, is work.  So I’ll probably leave this for something to do in the evening.


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