Yesterday didn’t go as badly as anticipated.  Despite being tired, I managed to come in only 300 calories over budget – mostly because I had (to coin a Hobbit phrase) ‘second lunch’.  My department bought everyone Jet’s Pizza around noon, and I ate two slices.  Because I was tired enough to be hungry and hungry enough to be tired and because I had some vague notion that I’d only have a sandwich and a salad for dinner.

I didn’t, as it transpired.

Anyway, frost.  There was frost covering my car when I left the condo this morning.  Frost thick enough that I had to scrape my windows.  I wouldn’t have minded – it is November 10, after all – but just last week I was walking around in shorts and a t-shirt.  A little transition would have been nice, don’t you think?

The reason I bring this up is to complain about the weather.  Also, to discuss my cold weather walking plans.  Because my preference for walking at work is the nature trails outside, but that’s going to rapidly become a suboptimal solution.  So, it’s back to walking the halls here at work.  Over to the stairs, up a flight, across to the stairs on the other side, up a flight, back to the stairs and across the top floor, then back down and repeat.  Somewhat more boring and repetitive than going outside – where, while I still see the same things, I’m not seeing walls and cubicles – but it still gets the distance in.  I’ll just have to get used to my fellow cube drones staring at me in bafflement as I stroll past them six times a day.


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