Competition is good for the soul

I now have extra incentive to get back on track.  See, a friend of mine is also trying to lose weight.  He has less overall weight to lose, but that’s not the point.  The point, see, is that we’re going to be competing.  In a friendly fashion.  Starting tonight, every other night one of us will call the other and check in.  “How was your day?  Get your exercise in?  How’s your calorie goal going?”  Things like that.

What’s that, you say?  That sounds awfully friendly, and you don’t see where the competition is?  Well, I’m not done.  See, every two weeks we compare and see who lost the most weight.  The loser then has to buy the winner lunch.  Which, yes, sounds counterproductive for a weight loss competition, but it’s also an excuse to get together and hang out.  (Yes, people in their 40s still “hang out”.)

What’s my incentive to get back on track, then?  Just this:  I hate to lose.  So, every two weeks, I plan on eating my friend’s lunch.

Looking forward to this.


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