I may have sabotaged myself this week. Here. Let me show you something…

That, folks, is the nutrition information label for one of the “fun size” candy bars found in a Halliween candy mix. I bring it up because, thanks to my son’s generosity and people at work getting rid of excess candy, I have inadvertently eaten a shocking amount of calories. All under the illusion of “how bad could it be”?

The answer:  surprisingly bad.  Not bad enough that I’m concerned about gaining a lot of weight, but bad enough that I doubt I’ve lost any this week. (There were also a few family crises that made getting all of my exercise in…)

Am I upset about the prospect?  Well, it depends on what you mean. Certainly I’ll be disappointed if I just maintain again. But, hey. This is a lifestyle change, not a race to hit some sort of arbitrary deadline. Maintenance, in that perspective is still important.

Still, I won’t be particularly upset if I’m wrong and I’ve lost weight. That would still be nice.


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