That Was Halloween, That Was Halloween

I’m really quite proud of myself.  Because yesterday was Halloween, a holiday – here in the States, at least – associated as much with gorging yourself on candy as with the thinning of the veil or with monsters and spooks and scary stories.  And yet, I came in under my calorie budget for the first time in… well… I don’t really know, to be honest.  And I refuse to go and look it up because it would be depressing.

Instead, let’s focus on the positives!  And the positives are that taking my son trick-or-treating allowed me to meet and exceed my walking goal!  Granted he’s only six, and so we’re not quite into the realm of trick or treating all night and strategizing with Google Maps to plan out the most efficient route to get candy, but we walked a decent amount before he sort of pooped out and we joined a family friend to hand out candy.

Yes, I did snack.  And I budgeted for it – there was just no way I was going to eat no candy, after all.  So, overall, everything worked out.


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