Eating Well: Breakfast Burritos

What’s this?  I’m starting off the week with a recipe, instead of talking about how things went?  Well, in a word, yes.  I am.  Because this particular recipe is how my week started off, and it is part of my efforts to get back on track and eat at home (or, at least, prep my meals at home) again.  So, go ahead and read the recipe.  I’ll wait.

A Burrito To Break Your Fast

Back?  Good.  So let’s go ahead and break down the calorie content of these things.  Please note that the version I made doesn’t use milk in the scrambled eggs, and I didn’t add the green chilies, or the hash browns (I just don’t like potato in my breakfast burrito), or the red pepper.  So, how does it break down?

Well, one breakfast burrito needs one 8 inch tortilla (200 calories for the brand I used), 1 large egg (72 calories) 1 ounce of sausage (98 calories), 1/2 ounce shredded cheese (45 calories), a tablespoon of salsa (5 calories) and a small amount of red pepper and onion (negligible calories).  That’s… let’s see… 420 calories for a burrito, and they’re surprisingly hefty – I ate two for breakfast, because I like larger breakfasts and planned a lunch that’s going to come in about 500 calories anyway.

You can cut 42 calories from the recipe by using turkey sausage (or, at least, the ones I found online run about 48 calories to the ounce).  Using bacon will actually increase the calorie count by 54 (assuming a whole ounce of bacon, which is 152 calories;  if you used a single strip of bacon, however, that would actually cut 45 calories from the recipe).  Using an ounce of ham would cut 57 calories from the recipe.  And it just struck me that you could cook a ounce or two of chopped mushroom with a single strip of bacon, chop the bacon fine, and that would be amazing.

They also freeze quite well.  I wrapped the four burritos individually in tin foil and stuck them in the freezer, then unwrapped two of them and microwaved them for a total of 5 minutes (3 minutes, then turn over and microwave 2 more minutes) and they tasted just fine.  So you can make them ahead and have your own frozen breakfast ready to go.  The perfect thing, if  you’re like me and don’t like getting moving in the morning.

What’s that?  How did I do, when I weighed in?  303.0 pounds, for a two pound gain.  More or less what I figured.  But I feel really good about this week!


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