Busy weekend ahead

I’ve got a six-year-old, and this is why I’ll probably end up maintaining my weight this week.  See, it goes like this:  he’s got a Halloween party at his school tonight, which is full of candy and snacks and pizza.  Which I’ll probably end up eating.  And then, tomorrow, we’ve got his (soon to be) six-year-old cousin’s birthday (complete with cake and ice cream) and then another Halloween party at church.  And I believe I’m on record as saying I have little to no self-control around cake.

You know what?  I’m totally okay with this.  I don’t plan to gorge myself to the point that I lay around bloated and torpid like a python that’s just swallowed a whole pig, but I’m not going to be all austere at a party either.  Maintaining will be fine this weekend, because it’s been a rough week.  And next week, when I’ve got meals prepped in advance and microwave lunches ready to go for emergencies?

I’ll own this.


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