Winter is Coming…

It’s starting to get chilly out, which shouldn’t be surprising.  It’s very nearly November, after all, and I live in the northern hemisphere.

I mention this because a huge part of my exercise program is walking, and the temperature and weather impacts this.  The colder it gets, the more likely I am to stay indoors and not want to go and walk.  Exerting myself in cold air makes me cough, after all, and coughing is no fun.  Also, bundling up and then exercising makes me sweat profusely, and that just gets gross fast.  So it looks like I’ll be getting back to walking around inside my building at work, and getting stared at by people as I walk past their desks two and three times a day.  It confuses them to no end, really.

But not just yet.  Right now, it’s just dark and cool when I go out for my first morning walk.  Very relaxing, really.  Nobody else is on the nature trails, and everything looks sort of dreamlike and ethereal.  My podcasts wreck the effect slightly, but it’s still very pleasant out there in the morning twilight.  I’ll be fairly sad, once it’s too chilly to go out and do it regularly.


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