Ready for the new week

I would love to have something inspiring, or even interesting, to write about this morning.  Some tale about something cool I did over the weekend, or some observation about getting and staying motivated and being excited about working towards my goals.  But, I don’t really have any of that.  Don’t get me wrong:  I don’t feel discouraged or unmotivated or anything of the sort.  I just don’t have anything special that sticks out in my mind.

I’m feeling pretty good.  I lost 3.6 pounds since the last time I weighed in – a combination of getting back on my exercise program and doing a little better on my calories goals.  I have a solid week worth of meals planned out, things that are simple to make (lots of slow cooker this week) and that look tasty, as a way to avoid eating out.  I feel nicely prepared for the week, and quietly confident that I’ll have success.  I just don’t feel… I don’t know.  Inspiring.

Still and all, I’ll take feeling like this over feeling discouraged any day of the week.


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