The “I’ve got a fudgesicle” happy dance

Sometimes, you hit your walking goals for the day in the strangest way possible.

We had fudgesicles for dessert last night.  That may not sound like a diet-friendly thing to do, but it turns out that they’re surprisingly low calorie – the brand we bought for his birthday has 80 calories a bar.  So, in the grand scheme of things, I could have done a whole lot worse (a standard Hershey bar, for instance, has 220 calories).

In order to avoid making a mess, we told my son that he had to eat his fudgesicle at the table or outside.  He elected outside, and I decided to go out on the back porch with him.  We’re happily sucking at the bars, and he starts this odd little shuffling thing as he walks in a circle.  I look at him and ask:  “What are you doing?  The ‘I’ve got a fudgesicle’ happy dance?”

He gives me an impish six-year-old grin.  “Yes!”

I think about that for a moment.  “I’ll do it too,” I decide.  So we start doing this little shuffling dance, walking in circles and shaking our shoulders and hips and kicking our feet up.  Then I had to stop, because I was getting dizzy.  So he stops, and stands in place bouncing and kicking, and I join him in doing this.  After a minute we turn and continue kicking and bouncing as we stare in through the sliding glass doors at my wife.  It’s about this time that she gives up on trying not to laugh.

Then my FitBit goes off, announcing that I have hit my step goal for the day.  It seems that I managed to cover the last 500 steps I needed by doing the “I’ve got a fudgesicle happy dance”.

Yeah.  I think it counts as exercise.


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