Wit and Wisdom


I do contact staff spinning as a hobby (although I don’t have time to practice as much as I’d like).  The instructor had an amazing first move with the staff.  Hold it out in front of you at arm’s length, gripping it firmly but not tightly with both hands.  Draw a deep breath.  Then drop the staff on the ground, point at it, and laugh.


Because we overcomplicate things.  Because we get too wound up, and spend so much time focusing on what we’re trying to do – if it’s new, or if it’s difficult – that we get intimidated.  Dropping the staff on the ground, and then pointing at it and laughing at it, robs it of its power to intimidate.  Then you can pick the staff up and practice your spinning.

It’s good advice, and I’ve found that it applies to other things as well.  Other hard things.  Like, for example, weight loss.  So, go back up and read that comic again.  Then join me in pointing and laughing about weight loss.  And then I’m going to go have some fun going for some walks today.


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