Waiting for a hard frost

I finally dragged myself in to see my actual doctor about the way I’ve been generally feeling like a truck hit me.  I mean, no offense to the Nurse Practitioner that looked at me at our local urgent care office, but there’s something comforting about seeing the family doctor that you’ve used for years.  Particularly since he seems to have sorted things out for me.  He didn’t say anything in particular about the diagnosis I got at urgent care (‘upper respiratory infection’).  Instead, he confirmed that it’s a bad allergic reaction to all of the pollen in the air.  This led to an allergy shot and a prescription.

And now I’m actually starting to feel better.  I slept hard, for the first time since I started these allergic reactions, hard enough that I’m still tired after waking up.  Oh, and I haven’t tried to cough once this morning, even after getting out in the cold air to walk from my parking garage to my office.  So, yeah.  Things are looking up, and the medicine I got injected with will keep me going until (as he put it) the first hard frost takes care of the pollen.

Heck.  Maybe I’ll even have the energy to get back to exercising.  That’d be nice.


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