Why I Didn’t Weigh In This Week

If you glance over at the widgets on the left of this page, you’ll see one of them is titled “Where I’m At”.  That’s where I put up my current weight each week, how much I’ve lost (or gained), and so on.  And you’ll notice that, this week, I haven’t updated it.  There’s a reason for this.

See, last week was a bad week.  Despite starting out with the best of intentions, fatigue and poor decisions combined to get me to overeat.  And then my son’s birthday was this weekend, and that took us all to Entertrainment Junction for a party (and eating out for three meals), and there was cake and ice cream and the like.  Things did not go well, on the diet front.

This left me with two options.  One was to get on the scales, and then beat myself up for having done a miserable job with my goals.  Because, let’s be honest here, I didn’t do well and I probably gained some weight again.  Or I could go with plan B, which is cut myself a little slack and not get on the scales this week – with the understanding that I have a one-week break from weighing in so that I can get myself back on track and start moving in the right direction once more.

I took plan B.  And, to be honest, it’s actually been something of a struggle not to get on the scales this morning and check.  My weekly weigh-in has been such a part of my routine that it feels alien not to have done it.  But, as I said, this is a one week break.  Sunday, I’m back on the scales again.  Which means that this week, I need to be back on track.


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