I’m clearly in better shape than I realize

I went running yesterday.

For reasons I won’t go into here, I had a terrible need to burn off some adrenaline last night.  It was so obvious that my wife – who is as wise as she is beautiful – pretty much pushed me out the door to go walking.  And I was keyed up enough that I actually started jogging when I hit the outside stairs.  How far did I get?  About a quarter mile before my sinuses started punishing me for my temerity and I started coughing.  The next half mile was speed walking, and then I walked at my normal pace home.

It’s just now, hours later, that this fact is really kicking in.  I ran a quarter mile, and I possibly could have managed another quarter mile if my sinuses hadn’t rebelled.  I was breathing hard, yes, but I wasn’t gasping for breath and ready to pass out.  That may not sound like a lot, but in the face of where I was last July?  Heck, in the face of how I’ve been feeling about my progress the past few months?  That was amazing.

Still, I think I’ll wait until this sinus thing I’ve got clears up before I try it again.


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