So, I’ve finally realized part of why I’m struggling with my goals right now.  I’ve got bad seasonal allergies going on right now.  Or maybe a mild cold.  I’m not sure which, but my sinuses have declared war on me, which has made it difficult to get a good night’s sleep and to do a lot of exercise.  So, yeah.  No wonder I’ve been struggling with this.  Because, when I’m tired, I am far more likely to eat a lot of high calorie foods in an effort to get more energy.  And I struggle a whole lot more with getting my exercises done, because I feel like I’m accomplishing something simply by staying awake.

Really, it’s probably a wonder that I’ve managed to maintain my weight as well as I have.

Obviously, this part is not a simple matter of “willpower” or anything like that.  It’s a matter of trying to feel better, so that I can actually follow through on my goals.  But things should get a little easier, now that I’ve realized (or admitted) what’s going on – now I can watch out for myself, realize that I’m eating because I’m tired and lethargic, and try to deal with it in a more productive fashion.

Hopefully, though, I’ll be feeling better soon.

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