0.01 miles per minute

Things are starting to get nicely back on track – I hit all of my goals yesterday except for my calorie budget.  That’s my walking (a little over six miles), my workout and stretching goals, everything.  And it feels good, even if I wasn’t sure it did while I was working out.

Part of achieving my walking goal was thanks to my son.  We went for a family walk after dinner last night, and when we got home he wanted to play.  “Can you play with me, daddy?” were his exact words, and I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.  So I sit on the couch expecting him to come back out of his room with his Star Wars figures, and he walks out with his wooden sword and shield and axe.  “You can use the axe!”

So we went outside.  Because, let’s be serious here, swinging wooden axes and swords around in the living room is a recipe for a broken television.  Or computer monitor.  Or lamp.  Or all of them.  Once outside, we spent the next fifteen minutes circling each other with sword and axe, or throwing his frisbee shield at each other, or just wrestling.  At the end, when it was time to start getting him ready for bed, I noticed that I’d added 0.15 miles to my walking.  Which means, in other words, playing with my son is good for 0.01 miles per minute.

It is, perhaps, not the most efficient form of exercise – when I walk, I hit around a 20 minute mile these days.  But it’s the form of exercise that certainly builds the best memories!


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