72 km left to go…

It turns out that this Pokemon Go “buddy system” is just another sneaky way of getting you out to go walking.

After getting things working yesterday, I took MacArthur for a series of walks.  My GPS on my phone has some connectivity issues on the trails around my office, so I only managed to log about 3 kilometers with him out of the five and a half miles I walked yesterday.  As a result, I earned one candy for the little guy – you get one candy per 3 km with the Charmanders, after all.  Then, for laughs, I checked how much candy I’d need to get him evolved.

25 pieces, it turns out.  So, that means I need to walk another 72 kilometers in the best case scenario.  Probably more, because the Pokemon Go app doesn’t log everything I walk with it (thank you, connectivity issues…).  But hey, it gets me out and walking.  And gets my son out as well, because once I showed him MacArthur he wanted to go and try to find more Pokemon for me.  He was so excited that, since we were at a local park with a friend of his, I actually had to order him to go play.

So, yeah.  We’re having a good time.


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