Pokemon Go? More like Pokemon Crash, AmIright?

I so want to be excited about the new Pokemon Go update.  And, if I can get it to work, I totally will be.

The latest update to Pokemon Go added a “buddy” system, in which you can have one of your little pocket monsters walking around with you on the map.  This lets you earn candy for walking, which lets you train and evolve the blighters.  Being a huge nerd, I was stoked for this update.  Then I installed it, accidentally picked my Pidgetto as my buddy (instead of the starting Charmander I named MacArthur after a stuffed dragon I made in a seventh grade Home Ec class), and watched as the app crashed twelve times while I tried to change it.

Make that thirteen times.  I just tried again.

Needless to say, I’m annoyed.  I mean, yeah.  Sure.  It’s a free app.  But I’d still like it to work.

It turns out that the IT Help Desk trick of “have you tried restarting it?” worked.  MacArthur is now my walking buddy.


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