Quiet Day At Home

I’m having one of those days where my muse for writing is taking a nap.  I’d love to sit here and fill my post with inspirational ideas about staying on task, or with some tale of persevering and meeting my goals, or about going and doing something cool and fun with my family that reinforces my desire to exercise and lose weight.  Instead, I’m sitting and staring at a white screen and wondering “what on Earth am I going to write today?”

Some days are like that, I guess.  Some days don’t seem particularly special or interesting, and nothing out of the ordinary happened.  I spent yesterday working, and running some errands, and going to a doctor’s appointment, and going for a walk with my family.  The walk was wonderful, and my wife and I got to talk a lot while my son ran around and explored and my dog tried to explore with him.  It was a nice day, even if it wasn’t blog fodder.

But you know what?  I’m all right with that.  Not every day has to be a marvel of inspiration, or have something new and exciting happen.  Sometimes, the day can just be pleasant.


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