Back on track!

“Back under three hundred!  Yes!”

I don’t believe that I actually shouted that yesterday when I got on the scales, but I sure felt like doing just that.  Getting below 300 pounds was a major psychological victory for me the first time I managed it, and it really was a terrible below when I went back up over that target.  So, I’m really glad to be back under once more.  Really, really glad.  Like, really glad.

The goal, now, is to stay under 300 pounds.  Which, of course, means sticking to my exercise and calorie goals.  And not giving up on myself, or on my goals.  Because I sort of did that for a while.  There was a little voice in my head that was like “f**k it, let’s have some doughnuts!” when I went back over 300 pounds.  And while I won’t say that little voice is why it took me nearly a month to get back to where I’m at now, I will say it didn’t make things any easier.

Still, clearly, I made it.  Now, to keep it going!


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