Hang on, it’s Tuesday?

Yesterday was Labor Day here in the US, which made it a day off work for me.  As a result, I didn’t even think about writing a blog entry.  I was too busy taking the day off.  Assuming you understand “taking the day off” to mean “running a bunch of errands”.  Because life, sadly, does not always cooperate with the idea of “day off”.

You may have noticed that, once again, I wasn’t wildly successful last week.  No real excuses – I just didn’t try very hard.  I’m back in what I described last year as the “goaldrums”, that feeling like “why should I bother?”  Which isn’t feeling great.  Fortunately, I think I’ll be breaking out of those goaldrums this week.  Why?  Because my wife and I are making a bit of a contest out of hitting our goals now.  And I do like some competition.  Best of all, it’s a cooperative competition, which sounds ridiculous but really just means that it is possible for both of us to win.

I have no plans to lose.

What this means, of course, is that I should be back on track starting this week.  Defined as “back under 300 pounds” and “hitting all of my exercise goals”.  I’m excited about this already.


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