Back over 300 pounds again.  Sigh.

Now, I’ll acknowledge that some of this isn’t my fault.  I managed to contract bronchitis for that, and oral steroids are one of the medications for treating bronchitis, and those help you gain weight.  And, of course, I didn’t exercise much because of the bronchitis.  That said, I didn’t exercise much last week before I was diagnosed, and I didn’t so much meet my calorie budget as I did exceed it and keep going.  There were some reasons – family health issues and the like – but that’s partly an excuse.  I could still have stayed on task with the calorie intake, even if I didn’t manage the exercise.

Ah, well.  Water under the bridge.  Now it’s time to do better.  I’m trying to think of last week as an experiment in seeing what happens if I don’t meet my goals, and now I know.  With that information in mind, I’ll just get up and get moving and do better.  As I keep saying, this is a process and a journey.  I haven’t failed, just because I had a bad week.  I only fail if I stop.


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