The icing on the metaphorical cake

It turns out that the reason I’ve been so lethargic about my goals this week isn’t just because of how busy I’ve been all week.  No sir, not at all.  I’m also sick, on top of everything else.  And it’s the annoying kind of sick, the kind where you don’t feel bad enough to stay home from work but you don’t feel up to actually working.  So I’m dragging myself into the office and doing my thing, and then going home and doing nothing for the next couple of days.  That way, hopefully, I’ll be in a better place to hit my goals next week.

And I figure I’ll need to hit those goals, too.  Because all of my general excuses and reasons for not exercising or hitting my calorie goals mean that I’ve eaten a lot more than I should have and exercised a lot less, and I’ve probably regained some weight.  Which will annoy me.


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