1,210: The Calorie Count of Surprise

I must have been pretty worn out on Friday.  I completely forgot to add a title to my post.

Anyway, the weekend was a mixed bag.  I didn’t lose any weight to speak of, but I didn’t gain any either.  Not the best situation, but not the worst either.  And it didn’t really surprise me.  Given my failures to hit my calorie goal, and my failures to meet my exercise goals, I’m kind of glad that I maintained.  Still, I really need to do better.  And, as part of that, I need to avoid eating out.

Case in point:  we went to IHOP on Saturday.  Kids eat free right now, and it sounded like a good idea.  I still had 800 calories left in my budget, and figured it couldn’t hurt as long as I was careful.  So, instead of ordering a massive tray of eggs and sausage and pancakes, I ordered a sandwich.  “How bad,” I asked myself, “could a ham and egg sandwich be?”

Pro tip;  If you ever find yourself telling yourself that, then you need to stop and think very hard about what you are doing.  Because I didn’t, and that sandwich came in at 1,210 calories.  And I have no idea how IHOP did that.  It was two scrambled eggs, and some ham, and toast.  I could probably make three identical sandwiches at home for that calorie count!

1,210.  Man what.


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