Uhm… wow

I ended up looking through a year’s worth of family pictures last night.  Just sort of clicking through and seeing what I’d actually taken pictures of, really.  And, once again, they really caught me off guard.  Because, without meaning to, they really captured the changes in my appearance over the past year.  Here, let me illustrate from the “virtual scrapbook” page on this blog.  The first picture is from back when I began the whole weight loss process:

Here’s where I started

And here’s one, quite literally, from last night:

13 months and 125 pounds later

Now, I know I’ve lost weight.  I’ve got a log in my phone, showing my weight decreasing each week for a year.  I wear smaller pants, and I have more energy, and I have more endurance.  But, as I’ve written before, I don’t always realize it.  I live in my skin day in and day out, after all, and the changes are (comparatively) gradual, and I’m still aware of how much more I have to do.  But these two pictures, and the other ones I looked at last night, really drive home the fact that this is working.  That I really have made a positive change.

It’s a nice feeling.


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