So Much Walking

It turns out I walked 7.36 miles yesterday, so I’m clearly getting back in the swing of things after taking a week off.

How’d I do it?  Well, some of the credit goes to my habit of walking at work.  I park in an inconvenient location, and then hit the nature trails outside my office on breaks.  But some of it comes from having a five year old.  Because, instead of asking if he wanted to go walking (the answer would probably have been “no, I want to watch PBS Kids”), I just said “come on, we’re taking Bosley for a walk”.  He got super excited about that, and wanted to pick where we walked.  Because of that, we walked all over the neighborhood – up hills and down, out to the main road and back.  If I hadn’t made him turn around and head back to the house so he could get his bath, we’d probably still be walking now.

Good times.  And this time, I didn’t even have to bribe him with Pokemon.


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