Healthy competition

I’ve mentioned, once or twice, the fact that I have a FitBit. You know, like everyone else that is trying to exercise more and be healthy. I exaggerate, but not by much.).  It also transpires that about half of my team at work has a FitBit as well.   So, we did what seemed only natural:  we friended each other, and every week we start a weekday challenge.

For months, one teammate has dominated the competition. I think he trained for half-marathons, but I’m not sure. What I know is that he was averaging about 19,000 steps a day and utterly owning the rest of us. But he has, as they say, accepted another opportunity elsewhere.

I hadn’t really considered what that meant.

Monday, I was hands-down leading the competition. Then, Tuesday, I got pushed out by 500 steps.  I pushed back into first yesterday, only to discover this morning that I was back in second to the tune of 4500 steps.

If you don’t know me, or only know me casually, the following fact is not always apparent. I am extremely competitive. And s#!t, as they say, just got real.  Seriously. Like “I’m giving seriousthiught to doing two or three extra miles today and tomorrow, just to make sure I win” real.

What I’m saying is, this competition is suddenly extremely motivational. And you, person whose name I won’t use without permission?  If you happen to read thus?  You’re going down!

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