Pokemon Go. Again.

Let’s take a break from the serious posts of the past few days, shall we?

About a month ago, I mentioned that I’d downloaded Pokemon Go and that I was, in a word, underwhelmed.  Clearly I overstated that, because I’m still playing the game.  There’s something hypnotic about wandering around my neighborhood or my place of work, hunting little critters and stuffing them in tiny balls.  Or wandering around trying to hatch eggs.  And locating Pokestops is always a thrill.

Niantic has made some significant improvements to the program as well.  Most of the connectivity issues are gone, which is probably due to a combination of getting more servers online and tweaking the code.  It’s now far less likely to crash in the middle of capturing a Pokemon, and it connects faster and with fewer GPS errors these days.  And it helps get me walking farther now, because the nearest Pokestop to my house is about 3/4 of a mile away and I can actually use it when I get there.

I still don’t get the gyms, though, and I still don’t understand the fighting.  I’ve tried twice now, and my Pokemon just sit there and watch the rival monster beat the stupid out of them.  So, most of my entertainment comes from walking and collecting virtual monsters.

With the current improvements, I recommend the game to anyone who likes Pokemon, who has small children, or who enjoys augmented reality games.  Go catch ’em all, and get healthy doing it!


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