Could have been better

But it could have been a whole lot worse, too.

I’m referring to my weight loss for the past week, if you’re wondering.  I managed to lose a whopping 0.8 pounds, which isn’t a whole lot.  But, in fairness, I also only hit my calorie budget four out of seven days – and the days I missed it, I missed it big.  And while I got all my walking in, I also only got my exercises done one day last week.  So while I’m clearly disappointed, I’m not surprised at all.

And that is the last of the kvetching.  Because I still made some progress, and this week will be better!  Although it will take some work to hit my walking goals, since it’s 5 am and 75 degrees Fahrenheit out right now.  And humid.  When I took my dog out at 4 am it was like walking into a wet, warm blanket.  And it’ll probably just get warmer and nastier over time.  The forecast is actually for a high of 90, with possible thunderstorms.  Time to look seriously at walking inside today.  Fortunately, my building is large.  I’m going to miss the nature trail, though.


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