Climbing to the peak is not a metaphor in this case

I think I may have lost a few pounds this week just from sweat.

It has been crazy hot all week.  Hot to the point that, when I go outside on break to go walking, I come back in with sweat running down my back and soaking my hair.  And that’s from walking.  And as I walk, I see people jogging or even flat-out running on the trails.  I can’t imagine how they don’t die.

Despite the absurd heat (which is anticipated to just get hotter as we go into the weekend) I’ve managed to keep up with my walking goal – heck, I’ve hit it by dinnertime three out of the last four days.  So that’s good.  And I’m finding myself trying to do things to change up the walks, so I don’t get bored.  Like climbing a steep hill.

Seriously.  There’s this one trail called the Overlook Trail, because you walk out and come to the edge of a steep hill that looks out over the valley below the campus where I work.  It’s a heck of a view, with enough trees that you almost can’t see the road or the WalMart at the bottom.  So, because I could, I walked the road along the bottom of the hill and then climbed up to the trail.  It was a lot of fun, but perhaps – in retrospect – not the best thing to be doing in work clothes when I’m only halfway through the day.

As far as the weight loss goes?  I’m feeling pretty good about that.  I’ve hit my calorie budget three out of the last four days, and I’ve blown through my walking goal four out of the last four days, so that seems positive.  Wish me luck!

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