What, HOW Many Calories Was That?

For a number of different reasons, I ended up taking my son out for dinner last night.  He’s five, so I should have been able to predict the answer he’d give when I asked him where he wanted to go.  McDonalds.  I wasn’t thrilled, but I let him choose (and I couldn’t talk him into going somewhere else), so off we went.

At that point, I had a little over 600 calories left in my budget.  Not bad at all for the stir fried chicken and rice I’d planned to make, but a little tight for fast food.  With that in mind, I decided to go small.  I ordered off the dollar menu, getting a McChicken sandwich and a double cheeseburger. “They’re small,” I said to myself.  “The calorie count can’t be that bad, right?”\

Folks, if you ever find yourself saying something like that, you should take the time to check the calorie count first.

So I eat my sandwiches, and I chat with my son (who was disappointed beyond words that the playground was closed for maintenance), and a good time was had.  After eating, I went to total up my calorie intake.  The McChicken clocked in at 357 calories, steeper than expected but not too bad.  I guessed the double cheeseburger would come in around the same and I’d hit my calorie budget and then… wait.  What?  Oh, the double cheeseburger comes in at 437 calories?  And so now I’m oer budget?


Yeah, it was kind of like that.

The lesson?  Well, pretty much what I said above.  Count the calories before eating.  Not after.


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