I Am Surprisingly Hungry

Ever since I hit my benchmark on Sunday, I’ve ratcheted my calorie budget back from 2,300 per day to 2,200 per day.  Which really isn’t a huge deal, right?  100 calories is, what?  Half a chocolate bar?  One and a third slices of wheat bread?  It’s not that huge a deal.

So, naturally, I’ve been feeling hungry.

I know it’s purely psychological.  Before I reduced my goal, there would be days where I’d eat an estimated 1,900 to 2,000 calories and feel fine.  But somehow, now that I’ve reduced that calorie budget and am hitting it dead on, I am ravenous.  The urge to snack between meals is incredibly strong right now.  For “Chinese buffet” values of “snack”.

All over 100 calories.

The mind is a strange, strange place.  I can’t wait until I get settled down into the new routine.


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