Papa’s got a brand new bag!

Or, at least, a brand new belt.

Last night, my wife remarked upon the belt I was wearing, which was on the next to last hole and looking a little ragged.  Specifically, she said we needed to get me a new one.  I thought about that, and said I was pretty sure that I already had one in the closet – we’d bought two, the last time we went clothes shopping.

Her response?  “Go try it on.”

I hemmed and hawed, because I don’t really care for “trying on clothes”.  I was already dressed, and didn’t want to be bothered.  But, after a minute, I relented and pulled it out of the closet.  The tag on the belt said “42-44”, which is smaller than the one I’ve been wearing.  So I pulled off the old belt, and tried it on (expecting it to not fit).

It buckled.  I mean, it buckled on the second hole from the tongue, but it buckled.  Comfortably.  I’m wearing it right now.

This made me look at the pants I’m wearing.  The last two pairs of jeans we bought were a 48 waist, and they just barely fit.  Now they’re loose.  And my 50 waist shorts, the ones that I bought figuring they’d last through the summer?  The waist is comically loose on me.  I’m probably going to have to replace all of them, by the end of the summer.

This, of course, is a fine and wonderful problem to have!  It’s the kind of problem that boosts the confidence and makes you realize that this is working.  That all the effort is paying off.



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