Rainy Reminders

Yesterday morning, I was a little concerned that I wasn’t going to make my walking goal.  It was raining steadily when I arrived at work around 4:45 am, and still drizzling when I hit my first break at 8 am.  And it’s hard to get motivated to go walking, when you’re at work and it’s a grey and rainy day outside.  But, staring out the window, I grabbed my giant umbrella and hit the walking trails outside.  Which proved to be a good thing, because the “rain” proved to be more of a light mist, and the temperature was warming but still cool.  So I walked the nature trail up towards the Overlook Loop at work, and I saw this:


That, my friends, reminded me of the reasons why I walk.  Sure, I do it for exercise these days.  But I also do it because it’s a chance to get out of the office for a few minutes and clear my head.  And because I love walking, now.  And because, sometimes, you get a moment like that.  A moment where the clouds are down in the valley and the trees are damp and green and the world looks new and wonderful.

I’m gonna do this.  Not because I’m going to force myself, or because I have a set of rules that demand I behave in certain ways and eat only a certain amount.  I’m going to do this, because I want more moments like that.  Because I’m changing my life, and changing my attitude, and because I like who I’m becoming as a result.


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