Breaking the rules has consequences

So I figured out why I’m so irritable about my weight loss right now.  Looking back over my records, I’ve been hovering between 301 and 308 pounds since the end of April without making any serious progress.  Why?  Well, it’s tempting to talk about “plateaus” and make all kinds of excuses at this point, but that’s not whats happening.  Not at all.  Because I’ve also looked back over my FitBit logs of my calorie intake, and I’ve gone over my calorie budget nearly half the days since the end of April – 28 out of 60 days.  And I’ve only hit my walking goal 20 days out of the 42 days I’ve expected myself to hit those goals since the end of April.

No wonder I’m not making progress.  No wonder that I’m feeling frustrated.  I’m breaking my own rules about diet and exercise, and somehow I’m still expecting myself to make progress.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not hating on myself.  It’s interesting to see that, without hitting my goals very successfully, I’ve been able to maintain my weight at an average of about 304 (plus or minus a few pounds) with minimal effort.  I’ll take that as a sort of consolation prize.  But, you know what?  The consolation prize isn’t good enough.  Because it isn’t helping me reach my goal.

This is why record keeping is so important, I think.  Without these records, I wouldn’t have had any way to check up on my activity.  I’d be left with the vague feeling that I was doing “all right”, and I’d still be confused about my lack of progress.  Consistency is the key to success, and without those records there’s no way to demonstrate consistency.

Time, I think, to get back on the wagon.  So let me restate my rules:

  1. Eat within a 2,300 calorie budget.
  2. Walk 5.5 miles each week day.
  3. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday do the workout routine my trainer designed for me.
  4. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday take my son swimming (as long as it isn’t raining and the pool is open).
  5. Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday do two levels of the Dungeon Runner app.
  6. Daily, do the Kung Flow warm-up stretches (more on that in a later post).

It’s been two months since I made any significant progress.  Time to change that.

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