Fitness is Weird 

Not to repeat my title, but trying to get into shape is weird.  You spend a lot of time making your muscles ache and then, when they finally stop aching, you go and find ways to make them ache more.  The cycle never seems to end.

For example, when i started my program of weight loss, my legs ached abominably. I was forcing them to work harder than they had in years, and they took their revenge by aching and hurting and leaving me so stiff I could barely walk. But I kept at it, and things got easier, and after a while they didn’t hurt anymore.

So naturally, I increased my walking distance and added some bodyweight exercises. Because it no longer felt like it was enough.

All of this came to mind because our pool is open and our assorted bad sunburns are healed, and now I’ve got a goal of swimming at least three times a week. Weather permitting.  The first day I was a little sore, because it was forcing me to use muscles I hadn’t used in a while. But it faded quickly. So, what did I do?

If you guessed “you increased both the speed and the distance you’re trying to swim”, then you’re 100% right.  And why did I do that?  Because I didn’t feel like I was working hard enough.

Like I said:  weird.


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