Things Get Better

Sometimes, you don’t realize that you actually want to do something until you’re actually doing it.

As you may recall, I was extremely tired yesterday. I’m still fairly tired today – thank you very much for that, caffeine withdrawal – but not as much as yesterday. Yesterday, by the time I got home, all I really wanted to do was take a nap. Sadly, with a five-year-old in the house, that wasn’t going to happen. He didn’t want to nap. Also, I realized that it was an exercise day and I had 13 different bodyweight exercises and stretches to do.

I tell you what: I did not want to do them. I wanted to lay around on the couch and whine about being tired. But I did them anyway. And something interesting happened. Halfway through the exercises, I started feeling pretty good. Don’t get me wrong here – I’m working muscles that I normally don’t use much during the day (hello, flabby abs!), and that leaves me aching for a good half-hour after I finish. But… I started feeling good. I was glad that I’d pushed myself to do them.

It’s an interesting phenomena, and one I’ve noticed several times. I start out not wanting to do something, and then I (for one reason or another) do it anyway, and then I realize that I’m glad I did. Heck, this weight loss journey is a prime example of this. I didn’t want to do it when I started, not really. Oh, sure, I’d fantisized and dreamed about being slim and in shape, but I didn’t actually want to do any of the things I needed to do to get there. When I finally started, I was motivated by fear and still didn’t want to do it. I just had to. I was cranky and miserable, and wanted to quit.

Then I started noticing progress. And then things started getting a little easier. The short distances I was walking became less and less of a burden, and walking became fun. I started realizing that I wasn’t missing out, not really, by having a calorie budget. Little by little, I came to realize that I was enjoying what I was doing.

So, if you’re just getting started, stick with it. It’ll get easier, and better. And then you’ll find yourself pushing yourself and the whole cycle will start over again.


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