Antagonizing Adenosine!

I am exhausted right now.

For various reasons revolving around my health, I’ve decided to allow blood to begin flowing through my caffeine stream again. As a result, well… you’ve probably been through this at least once yourself. If you haven’t, either because you have a normal human blood stream or you have never allowed hemoglobin to dilute the flow of caffeine in your body, then let me tell you that this makes you really, really tired. I got six hours of sleep last night, which was an amount I thought was plenty while wrapped in the sweet embrace of 1,3,7-Trimethylpurine-2,6-dione, and I am about to pass out face-first into my keyboard.

That would be bad. I don’t need a capital “GH” embossed in my nose.

Still, it should be worth it. I hope. Once I’ve acclimated to not not having my adenosine receptors antagonized, I should be back to normal.

Interestingly enough, exercise seems to help with the fatigue. This is something I’e noticed before, because if I go on a long walk (for instance) right before bed, I get woken up and it takes a good half hour or more to settle down and fall asleep. I’m getting a few benefits from this discovery. I’m getting more walking in as I work on staying awake (which is good), and I’m getting better sleep because I’m really tired when I finally crawl into bed.

On the down side, I’m probably staring down the barrel of a brutal caffeine withdrawal headache. That’s usually good for eight to ten hours of misery, and my only real hope for getting through it is for it to happen while I’m asleep. I’m also intensely craving Coke and chocolate, both of which contain my bitter white master. (Not coffee, though. I’ve never developed a taste for the stuff.)

Still and all, I should be fine in a day or two. And until then, I’ll continue to “enjoy” the effects of exercising more in a desperate bid to retain consciousness.


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